Hunters Glen Home Owners Association (HG HOA)  operates this site for the residents of Hunters Glen neighborhood in Anderson, South Carolina, USA. In addition to these static pages we have a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for members of the association.
Members will be required to provide information confirming their account.


What are the Dues and How do I pay them?

· When you purchased your home you also signed a legally inding contract to be a paying member of the Home Owners Association (HOA). The HOA Board has established the dues to be $300.00 per year.
Dues are DUE on January 1st of the current year. Example: dues for 2024 are due on Jan 01, 2024.

· Dues are OVERDUE after March 31. A $50.00 late fee is assigned to all payments made after the OVERDUE date. Example: dues for 2023 paid on or after April 1st 2024 will be $350.00

· Dues should be paid in form of CHECK or Money Order (In US Currency) made payable to


· Dues should be mailed or placed in the LOCKED MAILBOX

Hunters Glen HOA
100 Hunters Lane
Anderson, SC 29625

This address is a locked mailbox. There is no person to accept payments. A copy of your cancelled check will be proof of payment. Please be patient with your check clearing the bank. The treasurer is a volunteer and will record and depost checks as their time allows and when a reasonable number of checks are recieved. The HOA does not send out individual Invoices for dues payments.  All overdue accounts will be turned over to collection agencies, so please keep your account up to date.

 Realtors and Sales Agents: Please note. The  HOA  charges a transfer fee for each home sale.  Exact fee will depend on amount owed as well as date. Please use the Online Contact Form for details.

How do I get a Current Pool Key/ ID tag?

· Pool access is available for all members in good standing (Dues paid). Each year a new pool key is issued with a different colored tag. Keys are issued at the annual HOA meeting (See Events Page)  and at various times subsequent to the meeting. Please check the Private Facebook Group (see contacts page) for an updated key schedule. A schedule is also posted on the door to the pool. You may also use the On Line Contact form to make arrangement to get a key from the Pool Committee.


Who do we call if a streetlight is burned out?

· Duke Energy maintains the streetlights on behalf of the HOA. Part of our annual dues is used to pay for the lights in the subdivision. Please contact Duke Energy if a street light is out.
DUKE ENERGY Outdoor Lighting Portal (New Window)